Custom-designed by JMark, 10-500gpm Continuous Flow-Thru Systems feature dedicated Fiberglas┬« collection tanks for segregated waste systems, dual chemical treatment reactors, gravity settling clarifier and sludge compaction. An industrial-grade PC with custom software monitors all system functions and provides real-time online diagnostics. System components are factory preassembled and skid-mounted for simplified on-site installation.

Save time and get online fast! JMark's unique, patent-pending pre-engineered, pre-assembled wastewater treatment systems provide the efficiency of a modular design with the flexibility to adapt quickly to space and capacity needs. Systems are built in the United States from high-quality corrosion-resistant components, assembled, tested, then partially disassembled, packaged, and shipped by truck or container. 

You can depend on JMark's decades of proven experience. 

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