J.MARK's 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility
Designed and tested on-site

At J.MARK, we engineer and install water treatment systems, and we've been doing it for more than 30 years. J.MARK Systems are operating throughout the Americas, as well as overseas, preparing water for use in manufacturing or treating water before recycling or discharge.

We treat water as a total part of your system. 

Since 1984, J MARK has established an enviable track record of water treatment installations at facilities of all sizes. Although a system may occupy only a few square yards in a plant, we recognize that it must be intelligently integrated within the total manufacturing environment. For effective integration, it is critical we understand your process needs as well as you do. We begin with detailed interviews and thorough on-site inspections of your facility. You’ll find our seasoned engineers not only know their technology, but understand how elements will interact and most efficiently integrate within your operations. This close collaboration ensures you receive a system that runs reliably and predictably from day one, and keeps you flexible to grow as days and years pass. 

We offer a storehouse of knowledge. 

Over the years, we have installed water treatment systems for nearly every type of application in the finishing industry. That experience has formed a storehouse of practical knowledge for our customers to draw from. Do you have a question about standards? Call us. Want to check some documentation? We've got it; we keep scrupulous records. Our customers know they can turn to us when they need to modify their system, or expand it. The partnership that begins with planning continues long after installation.

We bring the vision of experience and a passion for our craft. 

Whether continuous flow, or batch treatment, pretreatment or post, J.MARK SYSTEMS are designed using only the finest components and state-of-the-art engineering. Our systems are durable, expandable, and built to exceed local compliance requirements.

To ensure your system works right from the moment it's on-line, we provide on-site, comprehensive training so your workforce become experts in day-to-day processes and procedure. The resulting installation is less labor-intensive, and quite simply, more reliable than other treatment systems.

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